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Harmonic Tech—On the way to a brighter world!

  Our sun produces enough energy in two minutes to meet the annual needs of the entire earth, which mean the total consumption of all forms of energy around the world in one year is equivalent to two minutes of the sunshine. If we could utilize  just a small portion of the sun energy, we could transform our world from one that is heavily depending on fossil fuels and threatened by climate change to one that is fueled entirely by solar energy.
Still, there are a lot of people around the world who are still without access to reliable power. Shown below is a famous NASA image that is often called a "satellite photo of earth at night."  It is a map of the location of lights on Earth's surface, and it’s an indication of night time electricity consumption for outdoor lighting across the world.
By using the energy form the sun, we can provide lights in areas that are still covered by darkness, to reduce carbon emission in places where coal fire plants are still playing major roll. We are confident that solar will be top of renewable energy heap, and in some areas and countries, it has already become a favorite choice due to the declined cost in materials and installations, as well as favorable renewable policies.
Contact Harmonic Tech, let’s embrace a new world which is more sustainable ecologically and environmental friendly!

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